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As part of our mission to spread good vibes, we want you to be able to share the things that matter to you most with your friends, family and anyone else around you. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and trust us with your data when using the SMT Chat Services (as detailed under SMT Chat’s Terms of Service). Please take a few minutes to read this Privacy Policy, so that you understand what data we collect, what we do with it and why, how we protect it and what are your rights in relation to this data.

In general, we collect data that allows us to provide you with an optimal experience while using our Services. This includes, for example, some basic benefits like allowing other users to see the name and picture you choose to show and the more advanced ones, like processing your registration and financial data to allow you to purchase our paid solutions, if you choose to use them. It also helps us to keep our Services clear of fraud and spam, and it allows us to get a unique understanding of what additional services may be useful to you, in addition to other purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

If you are located in the European Economic Area (EEA) or the UK, or you are a California resident and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) or California Privacy Protection Act (“CCPA“) applies to you, as applicable, additional information that supplements this Privacy Policy is available at: EU Region Privacy Notice; CCPA Notice.

The operation and use of our SMT Chat App and Services involves collection of personal data, where the types of such data depend on the type of Service and interaction with us. For example, when you sign up for SMT Chat, you directly provide us personal data. We also automatically collect certain personal data from our users’ device. We explain which information we collect and how we collect it below.

The types of personal data collected through use of our Services, including App and website, are listed below. We note that, some types of personal data we collect are required for all SMT Chat Services (for example, your phone number), some types may be required solely for certain Services or features you decide to use and some are optional, and subject to your discretion (for example, your photo).

We do not read, listen or store your messages and/ or calls made privately:

We wish to clarify that we do not read or listen to the content of your messages and/or calls made privately via SMT Chat and we do not store those messages (including any media files transferred therein) once they have been delivered to their destination (which on average takes less than one second). If for some reason the message was not delivered to its destination within up to 2 weeks, it will be deleted from our servers. We note that we allow you the option to back up your chat history data on your own external data backup service (like iCloud or Google Drive)

Data provided or collected through registration & under your SMT Chat account or participation in SMT Chat’s activities:

Identifiers, such as:

Your mobile number (including mobile country/network code);

Your personal details, (e.g., name, date of birth), if you provided them;

Your contact details (e.g., email address), if you provided them;

Your account login details, such as your username and any of your password or security pin-code, which you have chosen, if any;

Device identifiers, as described below.

Your photo, if you provided it (including any avatar, etc.).

Your interests, if you chose to provide them to us.

Your phone address book, meaning, the names, the phone numbers and the favorites list from your contact lists, if you approved access to them.

Geolocation data:

General location, we use IP addresses we collect and additional information (e.g., phone number area codes), to estimate your general location (e.g., city level).

GPS based location, we will collect the GPS location for very specific purposes (as detailed below), and solely if you gave us permission.

Financial information provided or collected through your use of our limited financial services (e.g., payment solutions), or purchased subscription and offers:

Data we collect automatically from your device, e.g., data collected using cookies and other device identifying technologies (‘Cookies and Tracking Technologies‘):

Device identifiers, meaning identifiers for devices you have used to access our websites and application, including IP address, unique device identifiers, advertising related identifiers, MAC identifiers.

Electronic network activity data, such as information stored on log files, when you access our Service and website for example, including access time and date stamp, pages viewed, IP address, the pages that directed you to our website, information related to errors and crash reports.

Activity data, relating to your usage of Services, such as connection status, whether you have received and seen messages sent to you, if you are currently on another call and data related to the calls and messages that you send and receive, such as length of the call, who called who, who messaged who, and at what time, your personal preferences related to such usage (for example how often, for how long, what options are selected, etc.). Such activity data may also include:

We may collect data about links you visit through any of your messages; and with respect to your activity in communities and channels – data about the communities and channels you have visited or follow, messages you have liked, messages you have sent, the content you have viewed;

Items you searched and shared via Chat Extensions;

Offers selected or redeemed.

Other device data, e.g., data about your device’s operating system, your browser, browser or operating system language, your wireless network, your mobile carrier.

For more information regarding how we and our partners use cookies, as well as your choices and controls, please see our SMT Chat Ads, Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy.

Data we collect or receive from other sources and inferred data:

Data we collect from your communications with us, including support, customer services and other inquiries:

If you choose to contact us through any means of communications we make available, you may provide us with certain information such as your contact details (e.g., name, email, phone number, mobile carrier, country – mainly where you are not a user of our Services) and other information you voluntarily wish to provide (mainly, related to the issue you wish us to address or resolve). We will further store our contact history and correspondence with you.

Non users’ data:

Mobile phone number and contact name, as saved on a SMT Chat user’s phone address book:  we may process your mobile phone number even if you are not a SMT Chat user, in the event that your phone number was included in our existing user’s address book that has been provided to us (and subject to such user providing us with approval to access the device address book). We will also save the name it was saved under by our user. We do it to show our user who in their contacts is already using our Services and who is not, to allow users find and communicate with their contacts who are users or who are not users in a more efficient way, and solely for as long as a relevant SMT Chat  user’s account exists on SMT Chat. In the event you will become an active user, the existing users whose phone book included your number, will be notified that you have joined the Service and you will be automatically added to their App’s contact list.

If you are not a SMT Chat user and would like to exclude your phone number, please contact us at

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 How We Use Your Data

At SMT Chat, we use your personal data to provide you with the best possible Service. This includes administering your account, customizing and improving the Service we offer, processing payments, serving ads and marketing campaigns, providing you with support and for compliance and safety reasons. We explain below the purposes for which we collect and use your personal data, as well as the types of data we use for each purpose.

You can find here information regarding the purposes for which we collect and use your personal data.

If you use our Services from the EEA or the UK, we must have a lawful basis to process your personal data. Please review our EU Region Privacy Notice for detailed information.

Authentication and Account Administration:

SMT Chat uses different types of your personal data to create and administrate your Viber account in order to enable you to register, log in, activate and use the Services. This includes, for example:

To authenticate and verify your account, as well as to make sure you do not already have a SMT Chat account;

To synchronize your contact list on the App (meaning, in order to show you your contacts on the SMT Chat  interface so you contact them through SMT Chat );

To create your profile, customize your SMT Chat account according to the information you have provided (i.e., name, photo, etc. including where you sign in through your social media account), and display such information as part of your profile when you use Viber Services.

The types of data we will use for such purpose will mainly include (as detailed in the “Data We Collect” section above):

Data provided or collected through registration & under your SMT Chat account, such as Identifiers, your photo and phone address book;

General location;

Data we collect automatically from your device, such as device identifiers and other device data;

Data collected from other sources such as social media data and your contact name, as saved on other users’ device.

Provide our Services – Communication & Content Features  and enabling backups:

SMT Chat uses different types of personal data in order to operate, provide and deliver to you our Services, including communication features. This includes, for example:

To allow mobile carriers to connect calls to you and from you;

To show your online status;

To enable you to send messages, participate in SMT Chat calls, delete messages, etc.;

To provide you with other App’s features such as operational notifications (e.g., missed calls);

We will use your IP address to extract your approximate location, in order to enable you to use certain features that are only available in certain countries (for example, sticker packs);

Enable you to upload and create backups of your messages on external services;

Enable you to post and share your User Submitted Content (e.g., images and videos, etc.) on our communities, channels, and bots, where allowed by its administrator, and generally utilize our content features;

Send you operational related and service-related communications, including administrative messages that relate to your use of the Services;

Subject to the permission you provide, enabling you to share your location with your contacts.

The types of data we will use for such purpose will mainly include (as detailed in the “Data We Collect” section above):

Data provided or collected through registration & under your SMT Chat account, such as Identifiers, your phone address book;

Geolocation data;

Data we collect automatically from your device, such as device identifiers, electronic network activity data, activity data and other device data;

Data we collect from other sources, such as social media data;

User Submitted Content.

As stated above, your messages will not be stored by us once they have been delivered.

When you use our Services, other SMT Chat users can see certain data about you, for example, the fact that you are a SMT Chat  user or a user of certain SMT Chat Services, the content you voluntarily share, your profile information (subject to your settings), your connection status, etc., as we detail and explain below.

Other users can see on SMT Chat the following data about you:

Unless you have changed your settings:

your user name and photo;

your phone number (if you are in communication with them);

your connection status;

whether you have received and seen messages sent to you;

If you are currently on another call.

If they are part of the call with you, data related to the calls and messages you have sent and received such as length of the call, who called who, who messaged who, and at what time, the type of call (audio/video) and whether you answered the call on your primary or another device.

For disappearing messages, we will notify the other users of any screenshots you’ve taken (so please respect the vibe and do not take them).

When you join SMT Chat , the contacts in your address book that are already SMT Chat members may be informed that you’re now on SMT Chat too.

A reminder about your birthday on the date of your birthday.

Your public posts: if you post information on our public spaces such as communities or channels, it may be searchable and available to anyone on SMT Chat . You can always delete your posts on those public spaces, but SMT Chat cannot control and is not responsible for what other users do with this information (e.g., store on their devices, publish on SMT Chat or outside of it etc.), thus, we recommend you do not disclose your personal data through the content of your posts.

We share data with third parties, including our corporate family and with trusted companies that help us provide our Services in compliance with strict data security and privacy practices, as well as other third parties such as our advertising partners, and third parties offering services through our App. We may also share personal data in limited circumstances where we are required to do so under applicable law. You can find here information about the categories of such third-party recipients, as well as the purpose for which the personal data is shared with such third parties.

Your data is kept safe with us, but we do share your personal data with third parties we trust, solely as follows:

Legal and Law Enforcement:

Subject to our strict data security and privacy practices and without compromising our end-to-end encryption, we may disclose certain types of your data, including, and depending on the circumstances,  Activity Data, Identifiers and your phone address book, to law enforcement, governmental agencies, or authorized third parties, in response to a verified request relating to terror acts, criminal investigations or alleged illegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you, or any other SMT Chat user to legal liability, and solely to the extent needed to comply with such purpose.

Corporate Transactions:

In the event of a corporate transaction (e.g., sale of a substantial part of our business, merger, consolidation or asset sale) we will share the data we store with our acquiring company. We will obligate the acquiring company to assume the rights and obligations as described in this Privacy Policy (including this notice), and we will notify you of such corporate changes in your data processing.

The personal data is yours – the choice is yours too on how to customize your SMT Chat experience.  SMT Chat users enjoy certain choices and controls related to their personal data. We explain below the controls and choices provided by SMT Chat and how you may exercise them, including deletion of messages, privacy settings, the visibility of your online status, limit what other users can see, unsubscribe from marketing materials and opt-out of certain personalization features.

SMT Chat provides you with certain choice and controls you may exercise, related to your personal data, as follows:

We enable you to delete or edit your messages anytime, even after they have been sent (they will be deleted or appear edited for you, your friend and our Services).

You can also control your privacy settings within the App to change the visibility of your online status.

You can disable the “seen” notification so that other users do not know whether you’ve read a message yet.

You can choose not to share your photo and/or birthday or not to allow other users to look you up by name, which are available within the App.

You can choose to allow or to not allow customization and personalization of our Services provided to you based on your personal data, by changing your personal data toggles in the privacy setting within the App.

Subject to local law, you may have certain rights regarding the personal data that SMT Chat has collected about you. Such rights may include (depending on your jurisdiction as well as  the type of data and the purpose for which the data was collected or retained) the right to know which types of data we collect and why we collect it (as we detail under this notice), the right to request rectification of your personal data, the right to request us to delete your personal data, the right to opt-out of certain data collection,  the right to access your personal data, the right to withdraw your consent, as well as the right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority. We further explain below the operational meaning of each such right, as well as when and how you may exercise your right.

SMT Chat respects your ability to exercise certain rights with regards to your personal data collected and stored. In some areas and jurisdictions, such principal rights may include all or some of the following rights:

The right to be provided with information about our data collection and privacy practices – including the sources from which we collect data, the purposes for which we collect and share data, the data we hold. This Privacy Policy describes our practices in detail using simple language. Everything you need to know is here. If you have more questions, feel free to contact our support team.

The right to access your personal data – you may exercise your access right by using the request your data button in SMT Chat’s privacy settings on your mobile device. If you have further questions contact us.

The right to request rectification the personal data we hold about you – if you believe we have the wrong data about you, or that your data is incomplete, feel free to change your personal data at any time through the profile settings on your SMT Chat settings on your mobile device. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us.

The right to erase your personal data – we have made it easy for you to delete your historical data on the App, while continuing to use the App. Simply tap on the delete your data button in your privacy settings. We will delete the data which we are not otherwise required to keep or is necessary for the provision of the Service. And no need to worry – deleting your data won’t remove the chats on your SMT Chat App on your phone. Note that when you deactivate the SMT Chat  account your data and chats are automatically deleted from your devices.

The right to restrict our use of your personal data – We allow you to opt out of certain processing of your data by using the SMT Chat privacy settings on your mobile device. You can decide which processing operations you want to opt-out of. You can also change the settings on your mobile device operating system at any time to prevent us gaining access to certain data such as your accurate location 

– but this may negatively impact on your user experience.

The right to object to our use of your personal data – you can object to the processing of certain forms of data by contacting our support. Complete this online form and explain your special circumstances. If you receive emails from us, you can always opt out on the bottom of the email, or by contacting our support.  We also allow you to opt out of certain processing of your data by using the SMT Chat  privacy settings on your mobile device.

The right to receive your personal data in a usable electronic format and transmit it to an external party (right to data portability) – we have created a request your data button in Viber’s privacy settings on your mobile device to make a simple way for you to access the data connected to your account. Once it is ready, you will receive a file from SMT Chat containing this data.

The right to withdraw consent – where we have collected or other process your personal data based on your consent and permissions, at any time, you have the right withdraw your consent.

The right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.

If you are using our Services from the EEA, UK or you are a California resident, you might have additional rights related to your personal data. Please see our EU Region Privacy Notice and CCPA Notice, as applicable.

We provide you with the ability to independently exercise certain choices and controls in connection with your personal data – please see details under the “Your Choices” paragraph above. If you wish to further exercise your rights, please contact us as specified under “Contact Us” section below. We will contact you if we need additional information from you in order to honor your requests.

Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 13 and we do not knowingly collect personal data from individuals under this age.

Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 13. Therefore, we do not knowingly collect personal data via our websites, applications, services, or tools from anyone under 13. In the EEA, certain default privacy settings will be /applied to users under the age of 16 and can only be changed if the legal guardian instructs so in writing.

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